Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Power of The Word

Is there Power in the Word of God?
Scripture tells us that In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1).  In the chronological bible these are the very first words you read!  So, what does that mean?  God was the Word & Word was with establishes His Power.  For by His words creation was started, by His words all things come to be.  Scriptural references throughout the entire Bible say by His Words or God said.  Even National Geographic December 2011 issue understands there is Power in the Words ("You don't have to be a Christian to hear the power of those words...")
Now text alone does not produce power but what it means does!  Reading the Bible is a way to know God's Power and how He has established you in all things.  God's Power is one that is not easily understood and that is why we choose to read His Words, gaining a better understanding of His Love, His Ways, His Commitment to us, His Grace, His Mercy and His Power.  We can all continue to learn more and more as we take time to be in His Word.  I find myself closer to my Maker only when I am seeking after Him whole heartily.  Not only being in His presence, but reading His Word has genuinely helped to transform those that put forth the effort to learn more of Him.  Even though His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts, for He is greater than anyone can imagine, we are able to get insight in our daily lives that encourages us to be in His Will for our lives. 

How do we learn anything?  By putting a priority on the thing we wish to learn!   Putting our energy towards & focusing on that thing we desire to learn.  So regardless that we finite beings may not comprehend all the ways of an infinite God, we have to seek after our relationship with Him so that He can reveal each day His Love and Power for us.  By our example we are able to show Jesus' Love to others.  It is by His Power not ours that we can obtain Love for others.  By nature we are not able to share love in a way that is life changing, but the Love of Christ can!  How can we ourselves get there...only one way, knowing our Heavenly Father.  So by His Words were all things created and By His Words we are taught how to Live!  The impact I have seen even on Facebook of sharing God's Word is miraculous!  Some of the scriptures just posted on someones status has brightened days, encouraged others, or allowed for new relationships.  All in "Sharing the Love", which we are called to do...this is what it's about!  The Word of God and God being Love leads me to believe that to be United with God in Love we have to first learn Him to understand what Love actually is. 
I do know that the Bible's text is not the only way to Jesus, for He Calls Us, but I do feel that the encouraging words, examples of Love, Grace, Mercy, and Power are placed where we have complete access to learn more about these wonderful traits!  When I read some of the most miraculous Ways of our Lord it always gives me peace and comfort in Him. 

How are we able to share this very thing with others?  Buying them a Bible...maybe, Sharing the Love...yes, Doing by example...yes!!  Let us continue to share God's Word in All Ways especially to those who need uplifting.

I have to fess up and tell you I have had some conviction in my heart with Organic Christians T-shirts and Products.  As the Lord laid on my heart to start designing Christian apparel, I have found it difficult to design them exactly the way I wanted (haha funny I know...the way I wanted).  Well of course my wonderful Guider has now given direction in the importance of His Words and how we can share them in all aspects of our life.  So even though I have went back and forth with placing scripture on shirts, I know without a doubt this is what should be done.  The encouraging status updates on Facebook, the way each person has their own life verse they hang onto dearly during trials, and knowing the Power of God's Words...I am 100% certain we all should be sharing them with others. 
Can't wait to see His Plan!!
Love & Blessings