Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What to know About Essential Oils That No One is Telling You

With the growing world of essentials oils we now have the power of aromatherapy at our fingertips.  Companies such as Young Living and DoTerra have opened our eyes to see the benefits of the use of this rich resource. But are they telling you everything you need to know? Essential oils can do more harm than good when not paired with the correct knowledge. 

Did you know, for example...
  • Not all oils are okay for women in their first trimester.
  • Internal usage of essential oils is not recommended. Be aware that every person reacts differently to herbs. You will be taking a great risk by adding this extremely concentrated herb oil to your diet.
  • Therapeutic Oils are not regulated.  The name “therapeutic oil” is a marketing ploy. It causes the consumer to make assumptions about its quality.  However, the essential oil industry is not regulated by third parties and therefore no such title actually exists.  A grading system, quite frankly,  does not exist for the essential oil industry. 
  • Certified Organic is best when it comes to oils. This is the only current means we have to know to certain that the product is grown without  the use of GMOs and synthetic pesticides/insecticides.
  • Those with heart conditions such as high blood pressure will need to stay away from some oils that can be considered stimulants.
  • Do you have sensitive skin? Be careful when using most oils. Since they are concentrated, oils are meant to be used with carrier oils or some not at all in situations where sensitive skin can be irritated. Severe burns have occurred because of improper usage.
  • Animals, such a your sweet dog, Rover, can be extremely sensitive to oils.  Do not assume because it is safe for you it is safe for your pets.

Before you start adding oils to your daily routine or recommending them for others, please do your research and seek the advice of a holistic practitioner or certified aromatherapist. Seek out local classes that are not affiliated with a certain brand of essential oils but are geared towards education and providing information on the oils themselves. 

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