Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Complete Fullness in Christ

If you have neglect, rejection or persecution in any relationship with another person our normal reaction is to doubt our self-worth.  This is such a struggle! For our flesh wants to get angry, feel hurt and be frustrated with the person who has caused the hurt in our lives.  I have found by spending the last couple of years finding my true identity in Christ a complete fullness regardless of who does what to me!  Amazing love, joy, contentment, and peace that one only hopes to obtain in a lifetime.  I have been truly blessed by all of the struggles, trials, and tribulations set in my path that He allowed in my life circumstances to empty me only to be filled with His Love. In a way to be led by the Spirit so that you know every single second is guided by God, never doubting that what is going on is in control of God.  Every person and thing brought into your life is a blessing beyond measure regardless of how they treat you. How can I possibly say this? Because I know that God only wants Good for us and even when we feel like the turbulence is a bit much it is for our betterment some how, somewhere way down the road.  His Mercy, Grace, and Love are so abundantly present in our lives yet we forget to stop and acknowledge Him!  When you know your are consumed with the ONE who is Love and holds you all the time things start happening in your life that leave you in AWE of Him!  Every moment recognizing His Work in your life and being in full thanksgiving with your heart to Your Maker.  There is only Fullness or Completion when we understand who we are in Christ!  No other person or thing can give us comfort and fullness.  If at anytime you place your self-worth on the way someone treats you or your success in life you will feel a void and continue to fill it with things of this earth.  We are called to obtain treasures in Heaven ones that cannot be destroyed.  We are called to seek after Christ all the day long even in our sleep.
Once you obtain the fullness in Christ it is quickly recognized when the flesh starts creeping back in and wants to ruin everything.  The devil is so sneaky and at any given moment will try to attack the precious relationship you have with God.  What Jesus Christ did at the cross is by far the only way to receive the blessed gift of grace and eternal salvation knowing that we are such sinners by nature and weak oh, so very weak without Him.  So heed to this warning in never thinking you will not get tested!  You run the race God has set before you and trust in His strength, always keeping your eyes on HIM in all things!  He is our protector and our all in all!!!  Blessings and Love

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